Creative consultancy,
creating new business.

TITUS APPEL is a consultancy agency that specializes in positioning dillema’s, the development of a core proposition, concept development and (new) business development.

We work primarily for small to medium sized companies (5 fte-150 fte) who are active in the creative industries, in food, in fashion, in retail, (on- and offline), FMCG and in the services industry.

Our approach is energetic. We like to modify old ways of working, while perhaps adding new features, and thus creating new propositions.

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Angela and the feds push Tommy to flip on Lobos or spend his life in prison, while Ghost considers doing the honorable thing.

Concepts & Brands


You are what you Eatery

Eatery is Holland’s first foodtruck caterer and event producer with over 280 different foodtrucks in its database that all meet Eatery’s criteria of production methods, presentation and quality standards. We cater and take care of the production for corporate and private parties, product launches, marketing and customer events from 75 people and up.

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Cradle to cradle fashion brand

A new durable cradle to cradle concept for clothing.


Schuif lekker aan!

Werelds kleinste grootse openluchtrestaurant. Elke week op verschillende plekken in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem en Arnhem bouwen we ons openluchtrestaurant op, met elke week verschillende food truck-ondernemers. KANEN is begonnen als middel om mensen in de grote steden weer in face-to-face contact te brengen met elkaar. De tafels en banken staan naast elkaar zodat bezoekers altijd aanschuiven naast iemand anders. Tegelijkertijd wil KANEN de bewoners een wekelijkse ‘vakantie’ voor de deur bieden.


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Space Revitalization

Rejuvenate a ‘Tired’ Space

This project is a collaboration of Titus Appel and Studio Locomoco. Their mission is to rejuvenate ‘forgotten’ spaces in an way that it’s users are energized and inspired. A place where they wish to return for the vibe, the collaboration and the atmosphere. A vital, creative and inspiring environment attracts people and makes them feel valued.


12 Scenes in Rotterdam

Not the “usual suspects” but the less obvious locations and views are the backdrop for stories in Rotterdam. From a failed drug deal to a successful hit on the city.

Artist Daan Berkhof fell in love with Rotterdam and praises the city for its varied architecture, inspiring vibe and people.


In opdracht van Hogeschool van Amsterdam

The ‘Voortuin’ (- front yard), a place for students to play, to explore, to discover, to inspire, to stand out, to invite, to present, to receive and from which you get in the world. A place for the avant “garden” – after all, this is the vanguard, which is preparing for their country in the ‘voortuin’.

The front yard, a flexible, welcoming, pleasant and inspiring place that expresses the potential of the students on site.

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Quoting Titus Appel

Ever since I’ve known Clinton he told me about his life. The story of his youth, his upbringing and the environment he grew up in. I was overwhelmed by the “movie-like” experience it gave me. It’s like a cross between Dickens and Irvine Welsh. There is beauty, blunt aggression, drama and love of a – on the surface – peculiar kind. There is an unlikely but powerful friendship between two men, both struggling to achieve their own goals. Clinton is a close friend and when you meet him you will see he’s the most gentle guy possible, even though you immediately recognise he is a boxer, by his walk, his stance and his overall physique. What makes him interesting is that even when he became a World Champion he remained a true Sheffield bloke, there is no diva in him. Even though his achievements, perhaps against all odds, would justify such a behavior. When I told him I wanted to make this movie he was humble, he was touched and he he said, if anyone was going to this it had to be me.

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